4-H Call to Action: Spread Kindness

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In a time of “social distancing” dictated by reducing the spread of coronavirus, our family and neighbors in nursing homes have been denied visitors. It can be a lonely and scary time – and it is now that we need our community more than ever!

Help us spread kindness to our neighbors by making greeting cards. The cards should be bright with a simple “thinking of you” message. We are requesting the personal touch of homemade cards – markers and construction paper is fine! Please sign each card with your first name only and Madison County 4-H.

Cards should be mailed by April 6 to 

Madison County 4-H

258 Carolina Lane

Marshall, NC 28753

Save stamps by stuffing one envelope full of cards! We will deliver all the cards to each nursing home facility at once.

In 4-H, we pledge our “Hands to Larger Service.” We welcome anyone who would like to contribute to this project!

Spread Kindness flyer image