Food Safety Guidance for Bulk Purchases of Frozen Poultry, Meats

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Due to changes in the supply chain, some meat and poultry manufacturers areMeat selling large amounts of product directly to consumers. Pop-up drive-thru sales of bulk bargain chicken direct from North Carolina farmers have been shutting down traffic in some locations as people race to take advantage of deals and stock up on meats during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, there are unique food safety risks related to the handling and storage of bulk purchases of frozen meats, which require a different approach than the typical store-bought single packages. Raw products should always be handled carefully to prevent foodborne illness, and certain considerations for bulk purchases should be made to ensure the food is handled as carefully as possible.

NC State Extension’s food safety experts have developed resources to guide consumers. Please reference the fact sheets below for research-based best practices to minimize risk and help keep families safe and healthy.